Energy transmission from the comfort of your couch!

For anyone wishing to experience energy transmission whenever it suits best and wherever it is most convenient!

By listening to this audio recording of energy transmission, you benefit from the direct transmission of high-vibration energy (pure consciousness) which provides comprehensive support. It enables deep relaxation, regenerates the body, increases the life energy flow, dissolves emotional burdens, helps you overcome your limiting beliefs, activates your inner strength, connects you with your essence and strengthens your intuition.

The recording is universal and will affect you in the way that benefits you the most at the time of listening. This means that every time you listen, your experience is different.

After purchasing the e-transmission, you can listen to the recording at any time and as many times as you wish during a 7-day period. I recommend listening to it as often as possible.

What is an energy transmission?

How to listen to the recording

Instructions for accessing the energy transmission audio recording on the VIMEO platform.

If you already have a VIMEO account, log in. If you don’t have an account yet, register. Registration is free.

Click the link next to the Energy Transmission video recording or the upper-right button in the video recording, where the word “rent” and the price “€ 33” appear.

The recording will be available for 1 week. You can listen to it as many times as you want during that week.

Select your method of payment. You can pay via PayPal or by credit card.

(Note: I explicitly advise against energy transmission for emotionally unstable persons, persons being treated for a psychological or mental disease, persons who tend to deny reality as well as addicts.)


1. Make sure you won’t be disturbed as you listen to the recording. Lie down somewhere, close your eyes and listen until the recording ends, keeping your eyes closed all the time. This allows the energy to work with you on deeper levels.

2. In your mind, ask the energy to support you where you most need support at the moment. This will be your intention.

3. The recording starts and ends with music, whereas the energy transmission occurs in silence. Silence is not a mistake! It encourages you to focus your attention on yourself and observe what is happening with your body, thoughts and emotions. Inner silence is a natural state of the conscious mind, yet in a world of never ending stimuli we are no longer used to it and, at the beginning, it may even be stressful.

5. Always listen to the recording until the end, regardless of what may be going on inside you. Please persist even if you don’t feel anything special. Only in this way can the process be completed.

6. When you finish listening, drink a glass of water. On the day you listen to the recording, avoid drinking alcohol before and after.

What can you feel during an energy transmission?

Setting of an intention for the energy transmission

What to pay attention to after an energy transmission

Read the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

Energy transmission involves the transmission of pure consciousness. It is a high-vibration energy that connects with your Higher Self and supports you in the way that benefits you the most at the time. Pure consciousness works at all levels. This means at the physical or cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual levels – all at the same time. It works with intensity and goes as deep as your subconscious allows. That is why energy transmission is completely safe.

To use a metaphor, during a transmission we are like a computer which is linked up to the most powerful supercomputer that knows everything and helps us reprogramme all the causes of the ‘bugs’ or system errors within us. This supercomputer wants us to operate at peak performance! That’s why it sometimes runs an antivirus program, sometimes upgrades programs to higher versions, and sometimes even deletes a few of them.

No special preparations are required. During the transmission you lie down comfortably, close your eyes, express your intention or ask for support in your mind and let the energy do its work.

In your mind, ask the energy to support you where you need support. This is your intention. Your intention can be anything you wish to resolve, abandon, heal or change. You can ask for body regeneration or even support in self-healing. You can ask for the transformation of any emotional burdens, the resolving of unhealthy relationships with any person or with yourself, your attitude to health, money or a certain partnership. You can ask for help in letting go of your limiting beliefs, destructive behaviour or bad habits. You can ask for support in introducing changes, overcoming challenges or exploring new opportunities.

Energy transmission is suitable for anyone who is open to energy and does not feel a strong reluctance for such work. I explicitly advise against it for emotionally unstable persons, persons being treated for a psychological or mental disease, persons who tend to deny reality as well as addicts.

During a transmission, most people feel the process at the physical level. For example, you might feel shivers, your body may become extremely heavy or light, you may feel warm or cold, your ears might start ringing, you might feel pain in certain parts of the body, become completely relaxed or even restless. You might even fall asleep.

Different emotions may be triggered during a transmission, ranging from sadness, anger and fear through to pure love, even grace and peace. Your mind might become fully unleashed and you start thinking nonsense, or your head goes completely empty. You might receive visions, inner messages, insights into your current situation, and even guidance for your next steps.

Some people don’t feel anything special, yet the transmission still works.

You may also experience certain reactions after a transmission. You might feel rejuvenated or wake up in the morning as if you had been in a boxing match the day before. Some pain or emotions might become more intense for a while. That usually means that energy worked with you on very deep level. Such reactions usually fade after a day or two.

After a transmission, your energy starts working in the direction of your intention. This means that it may sometimes start removing what is preventing you from realising your intention or it may start opening up new opportunities. This is why, after a transmission, you should pay attention to what is happening within you and in your environment – what kind of people are coming your way, how they behave towards you, how you behave towards them, which situations you find yourself in, how you feel and how you react. Also pay attention to your dreams, as they often become more intense after a transmission. Try to figure out which messages your subconscious is sending you in your dreams.

Those who regularly attend energy transmission sessions soon notice they feel better, their specific problems disappear (like pain, painful menstruation or headaches), they sleep better, feel at peace and relaxed, and can more effectively cope with everyday obligations. They notice their thoughts are more organised and the change on the inside makes them react differently to certain people or situations. Some start seeing themselves, their relationships and their reality more clearly.

Before you start listening to the recording, lie down somewhere comfortable and make sure you won’t be disturbed – especially by your phone. Close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths and connect with yourself.

After you express your intentions in your mind, just relax and listen to the recording. It starts with a short piece of music to help you relax and it also ends with music. In the meantime, the energy transmission occurs in silence. While listening to the recording, keep your eyes closed throughout as this will allow you to go deeper within and the energies to work more profoundly.

Transmission takes place in expanded consciousness, which is why during that time your perception of space and time may be altered. You might have the feeling it lasted only a few minutes or half a day. No matter what goes on, listen to the recording until the very end so that the process is completed.

The recording is universal, but will affect you in the way that benefits you the most at the time. This means that listening to the same recording today and then after a few time will be two totally different experiences.