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Spiritual journey

23rd of June – 6th of July 2019

Discover the history of Armenia, trek through volcanic Gegham mountain range, visit many churches and small villages, where the time has stopped. Experience the Mystic in monastery Tatev region, descend to place, named Armenian Machu Picchu, visit the incredible ancient observatory Carahunge also known as the Armenian Stonehenge, and take in the sight of petroglyphs and the khachkars, otherwise known as Armenian cross-stones. Observe the sacred Ararat Mountain and relax and enjoy the scenery by Lake Sevan. Experience the Energy Transmission Healing in many high-energy places.

Every journey in the unknown country is also a journey within.

Urška Henigman, Ekvilibrium

She will perform spiritual Energy Transmission Healing in many high-energy places and will encourage you among the trip to discover yourself within too.

Ksenija Čermelj, Šakti potovanja

She will take care of the organization and guidance of a trip. She will connect us with local guides that will show us secret places of Armenia.

23.6. – 3.7. 2019 (11 days)
or 23.6. – 6.7. 2019 (14 days)

Price: 1150 € + flight ticket (12 days)

Price with extension to Aragats: 1300 € + flight ticket (14 days)

* The price of the flight ticket is approx. 400 € / person

Contact: Ksenija Čermelj, shakti.potep@gmail.com; + 386 31 249 105