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All that is mine I carry with me.

Latin proverb

Urška Henigman

Urška Henigman

I perform both group energy transmissions and individual energy transmissions. I can do it in person or remotely. I am the author of several personal growth programs and workshops and the author of the audio recording E-transmission you can buy. In everything I do, I seek to help raise the consciousness of individuals, society and the planet.

I am, formally speaking, a university graduate of communicology, while in my heart and soul I am an explorer of the visible and invisible worlds and connecting them. Through expanded consciousness, I am able to access a portion of the multidimensional space of absolute truth, above and beyond visual perception, and establish deeper insights into the beliefs, emotions and acts with which we create our lives, most often subconsciously.

I do energy healings at the biofield level. Through me, energy and emotional blockages are cleared, a person’s biofield becomes filled with higher vibrations and energies within the body become balanced, with all of this invigorating, protecting and supporting a person and helping them take the required steps.

I discovered my gift in 2003 after spending some time with the shamans in Peru and, later on, I upgraded it at various workshops and seminars as well as by travelling to sacred places all over the world. I have developed my own distinct work method which I first tried on myself – and now I support other people to achieve a breakthrough.

Before I set up my own company Ekvilibrium, I had worked in the business world for 15 years in the field of communications. I was a project manager, the editor of several corporate magazines, the Head of Internal Marketing and the Head of Sponsorship Marketing for the Gazela (Gazelle) project (a selection of the fastest growing companies in Slovenia).

My declaration

In service of consciousness

With everything that I am, I am in the service of Life for the greater good of all. I am authentic, work to the highest ethical standards and always do my best.

Co-creation and responsibility

I work with clients who are ready to co-create the process and take the necessary steps and accept their share of responsibility so as to make changes in their lives.

Conscious empowerment

With my work, I aim to help raise consciousness in society. I support people in becoming more empowered so they can naturally develop a new, more conscious mode of being.